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Saving Big On Your Next Furniture Purchase

January 29, 2013
Looking to stretch that dollar as far as it can possibly go? Of course you are. We all are. Knowing how to make the most of your hard earned dollars is incredibly important in our current economy. Here are a couple of tips you can use for your next furniture purchase that can really help.
Big-Ticket purchases like a furniture purchase can be easily done and save you a bunch of money all at the same time.
Here is a quick example to illustrate the point.
Yesterday on the phone I had a very common call. The customer had been shopping at some local dealers and found a piece that they absolutely fell in love with. They didn’t, however, fall in love with the price. While the wife wanted to make the purchase right then and there, her husband decided to check online before dropping almost $4500. They ran into our site with a quick little internet search and gave us a call. Very dubious at our price he asked if this was the same piece that he had just seen, touched and loved. Since we carry almost 85+ of the top brand name manufacturers, we ensured him this was a brand new item from the same manufacturer. When we ran the quote for all of his items he about dropped the phone in disbelief. Our total price (including shipping to his home) was almost $1200 less (27% discount). A quick little internet search saved him a lot of cash.
Now, you might be asking yourself why would anyone not due what this wise gentleman did?
We ask ourselves the same question over and over and we have been able to only come up with 2 answers.
Ordering online does take a little bit longer. Rather than having the store deliver the item(s) within a couple of days (if in fact they have it in stock) normal online orders take 2-4 weeks for delivery. In the case above, the item was a custom order and had to be made at the factory. In that case, our delivery time frame was actually quicker than the local stores. We had the piece produced and picked up directly from the factory. It was then taken directly to the customers home saving them almost 2 weeks over the local store. So, depending on the item and how you local store operates, the process in getting your pieces will not be any different than just ordering online.
If something is wrong, I will just take it back to the store and be done with it. While this is partly true, most return policies for local stores and online stores is very much the same. Shipping costs might be a bit different but all other fees associated with handling and restocking will be the same. Online delivery is a very straightforward process. If your item arrives damaged, simply write damaged on the form and we’ll take care of the entire claim. If their is a manufacturing defect, sending out replacement parts or items is also very easy. So, this process might take a little longer than purchasing from a local store but not much more. If your local store has to order parts, again the process would be the same with us.
So, to put it simply you just have to ask yourself the question, “How much is two weeks worth to you?” If having your furniture 1 or 2 weeks earlier is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to you, we aren’t the right fit. However, if you are one of those folks that enjoys saving money and can exercise a little patience, we are the perfect solution.
Now is a great time to buy. Tax rebate season is a great time to invest in new furniture for your home. We have lots of great deals to help you save as much as possible. Many of our top named brands are running their best specials of the year at this time.
You can see all of our coupon codes and discount offers here:
We are also offering 12 Months, no interest financing for orders over a $1000. You can learn more about our financing offers here:
If financing isn’t the right option for you, we also offer a great 90 day layaway program:
What are you waiting for. Thousands of customers have saved lots of money buying furniture and now you can too. Check out what our happy customers are saying:
Feel fee to contact us with any questions at 800-970-5889.
We look forward to helping you stretch every penny out of your hard earned cash. Start Shopping NOW –

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