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January 29, 2013

You own a flower shop in town and your policy includes free delivery with purchase. One day, you receive an order for two dozen red roses that need to be delivered to a business across town. After spending two hours beautifully preparing and delivering the two dozen red roses, the customer says “I have changed my mind. I do not want these roses anymore and would like a refund.” Is it fair for you to eat the costs it took to prepare and deliver this order or do you believe the customer should pay you for some of your time and efforts?

Our Returns Policy

The General Returns Policy states that if you make a purchase from our store and then change your mind later, we can still give you a refund with no problem. However, keep in mind that you will be responsible for shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee if you do. Just like the flower shop, it takes time and money to ensure your item is prepped and delivered in reasonable time. Don’t worry, we are super happy to cover these costs with your purchase! We are just not able to cover all of them for returned items.

About Damaged Items

Damaged items do not fall under the Returns Policy. If your furniture arrives to you in damaged condition, we are NOT going to charge you additional shipping or processing fees! We simply ask you to notify us immediately so that we may replace or fix your item to new as soon as possible. We  promise to take GREAT care of you!

Find Returns Policy Terms

If you would like to read more about the returns policy, just click here. We know that our terms are in smaller print, but it’s not to hide anything from you! There is a lot of information to share with you and the only way to fit it all on is to write a little smaller. We encourage you to read our returns policy as well as our other policies so you know how we roll. More questions? That’s what we like to hear! Call us any time or send us an email to We are here to make your experience a great one!

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