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Recline Designs – Doom Rocker Recliner – 1815

January 23, 2013

I just received my rocker and am overall happy with the purchase. I do want to point out that the it is only about half leather (the front and tops of the arm rests). The sides and the back are some kind of fake plastic leather. It looks fine, but if I had known this in advance I don’t think I would have bothered paying the extra 130-150 for the top grain leather, and would have just gone with microfiber. The leather soft and feels high quality but is also not a solid color, it has that subtle distressed look to it, which I am not a huge fan of (though I know it is popular right now). For the price I paid and convenience of it all I am happy, it is modern, comfortable, and close enough to what I wanted not to bother returning it. However, I just thought you should know when selling these in the future because nowhere in the description that it is part synthetic leather. I recently bought a sofa (in a store) that was also special ordered and they mentioned many times that the back would not be leather, so I expected it when I got it.

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